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Co-source with 1 2 Assist U to reduce costs and / or grow your business.

Our co-sourcing solutions work with your existing IT team.

We are 1st tier IT specialists:

  • Our staff cover the phones 24/7 and close the vast bulk of tickets remotely.
  • Your staff provides the 2nd tier and local support.
  • If required, our network partners can provide a physical presence further afield.

We give high value at low cost:

  • Our number 1 priority is delivering a great quality service and fantastic customer satisfaction.
  • Having large offices in India means we give great value for money.
  • We have a multi-year track record of co-sourcing in the UK - see our case studies.

To see the difference we can make, press play below

1 2 Assist U are able to support, where you are one of the following:

  • An organisation with an in-house IT team
  • Outsource all or part of your IT Helpdesk
  • We can take the calls and close the bulk of tickets
  • Allowing your staff to dedicate themselves to providing complex onsite support or working in a different area
  • An IT company that provides (or would like to provide) Helpdesk services to other businesses
  • We can help you scale up your business
  • Allowing you to offer additional services and packages to your customers
In either scenario, we can provide added value, for example, performing routine maintenance and
backup procedures,PC build-ups and setting up of new users, compiling daily reports etc.
We have a multi-year track record of co-sourcing in the UK - see our case studies.
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